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RENE 2.jpg
René Carayol
FTSE 100 CEO Advisor

" Amit and Naroop are two sides of a fabulous coin. For over a decade I've been trusting them to film my most special of clients including FTSE 100 CEO's, International Billionaire Tycoons & Sporting Legends, they always deliver outstanding results. Best of all they make the process fun, simple and memorable. I've watched their business grow and grow. When you meet them you'll realise exactly why. They are an unstoppable force that are destined to rise to the highest office. I'm privileged to call them my friends."

AIMEE B-0455.jpg
Aimee Buchler 
Wellness Expert

"Back The Brave are family to me. It's that simple. From the moment we first worked together four years ago I've been blown away. Building my personal brand has been so much easier with them in my corner. I've always been attracted to the sheer pace, energy and quality they deliver. As they always say, "The Best Deserve The Best". I'm so glad we've found each other. Amit is super fun and Naroop makes the campaign run super smooth! I have no doubt that we will all get to exactly where we want to be. Team work wins every time. One Love. "

RUPY copy.jpg
Dr Rupy Aujla
The Doctors Kitchen

"From the moment I met Amit and Naroop, I just knew I would be in great hands. Amit is a true visionary with his ideas and Naroop's gift for creativity and film ensures that their team will always make you look like a Hollywood star! Back The Brave are very much in demand, especially in the Doctor community and I can see why. They are the real deal. I'll always recommend them because they are simply bursting with passion and talent".

cosimo copy.jpg
Cosimo Turroturro
Speakers Associates

"I'm always excited when I get a call from our partners at Back The Brave. Amit and the team are extremely passionate and dedicated to helping their clients reach their full potential. I'm proud to say that our partnership is only growing stronger. Together we are helping brave talent win corporate speaking engagements globally.  Back The Brave are so much more than just talented content makers. They have vision, drive and execution in abundance. The future is very exciting for us."

benji copy.jpg
Dr Benji Dhillon 
Define Clinic

"When Mark and I established Define Clinic, we knew we needed to find the right partners that we could truly count on.  I've known Naroop as a friend for years and this was a dream opportunity to finally work with his team. I'll never forget our first meeting where our teams met and we shared the vision for Define Clinic. What a day! All I can say is get ready for laughter and the most fun day of content creation you can imagine! You will absolutely love the entire process and like me, you'll happily recommend Back The Brave!"

Rachel Clarkson
The DNA Dietitian

"When I realised that I needed to invest in content for my business, I was lucky enough to be pointed to Back The Brave. I'll never forget my first brunch meeting where I met Amit and the legendary Teddy Bear! We laughed and laughed and a very special friendship was born.  I'll admit I was nervous about being on camera, but Amit has a gift for making you feel comfortable beforehand and the team create content that make you appear flawless, so who am I to complain! Your encouragement has put me on such a strong path - I'll always recommend you!”

Jay Sean
International Pop Star

"I've worked with the biggest talents on the planet and I can tell you that Amit and Naroop are no exception. They've been creating my content throughout my entire career. Together we've flown and shot around the world and racked up the most memorable stories to match. They are the rock stars of their industry. Best of all they are so humble and are never fail to stop believing in anyone they choose to work with.  Over the last two years they've been helping me to carve out opportunities in podcasting, TV shows and public speaking. The support and contacts they offer are incredible."

KRISTINA copy.jpg
Kristina Bryne
Founder - SAIA London

"I actually met Amit on a photo shoot. We just clicked from day one and he showed such enthusiasm for my business that I couldn't help but find out more.  Being a start up entrepreneur is such a stressful role. You are doing virtually everything in the business yourself.  The team at Back The Brave just took away a huge amount of pressure and they delivered an advertising campaign that exceeded my expectations.  It didn't end there. When I needed help down the line to drive sales, Amit connected me to some very valuable people that have now transformed my business.  The team are so passionate about Saia London that they actually treat their favourite clients to our bags! Now I was not expecting that, but I'm honoured!"

DEARBLA copy.jpg
Dearbhla Gavin
BBC and Business Insider Reporter

"Together with my partners at Back The Brave - we are always able to pull off the impossible! We create content for the world's biggest brands, two of my favourites this year being for global giants Greencore and Allbirds. Every single person on set is always at the top of top of their game, with the most magical energy you can imagine. These guys make the film business so appealing for everyone involved. I really can't recommend them enough. Simply phenomenal".

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