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Who We Are

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Amit Amin

Founding Partner | Business Development

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Naroop Jhooti

Founding Partner | Creative Director

We have proudly assembled a world class team who deliver world class results.

With unrivalled passion, expertise and hunger, Back the Brave are in your corner.

Find out more about our Brave values with an interview below with our two founding partners.

Why did you co-found Back the Brave?


I really feel I was put on this planet to help people reach their true potential.  I constantly see opportunities around me and I wanted to be part of a business that helps people achieve greatness and ultimately lead a super happy life.  It's actually dream role for me - making new friends, helping people, learning from experts and building something that I can truly be proud of. Plus I have one of the best business partners in the world. Trust is everything for me.



I'm extremely fortunate to have spent my entire life creating content for the world's biggest brands, celebrities and super talented people.  I've understood the power of powerful partnerships from day one. Not everyone has this support and it was a burning desire of mine to share my expertise and build a business where I could help people get the success they deserve.  This is a super exciting time in my life and to be honest it doesn't even feel like work. I'm getting to spend everyday doing the things I love (and would probably do for free - sshhhhh!).


In a few words - how would your friends describe you?


Open minded. Up for a challenge. Excited and energised. Loves laugher. Pragmatic!



Quick thinker. Consistent. Ambitious. Loves to learn. Disciplined!



How do you stay motivated?


I spend so much of my time with incredibly talented, motivated and kind people.  They really inspire me to push myself and to do everything in my power to help them win.  I guess because I've always been in business since I was 18, I've realised that you get back what you put in!  I'm truly grateful for living such a privileged life and I've realised that the sky is the limit when you focus on the things you're great at everyday.



I have never worked for anyone in my life.  I've always believed that there is no reason why you can't do something you love and making a very nice living out of it.  I intend to keep it this way! I love to read books on entrepreneurship and autobiographies of people I respect. They remind me that there are no limitations in this world. Life is what YOU make it.  



What's an ideal weekend for you?


As much as I LOVE what I do, it can be exhausting at times spinning so many plates!  I'm a big brunch fan and of course it's not complete without bringing my Yorkie Teddy along for some salmon and eggs!  It's funny that so many people in my circle seem to start of as clients and many end up becoming good friends.  I love catching up with them, swapping stories and bringing good people together.  I do my best to try and put my phone away for a few hours and unwind to watch a boxset in peace.  The entrepreneur in me doesn't always let that happen and I often end up pausing to right plans or to connect people.  That's why I've recently taken up a bit of yoga to get my calm on!  My favourite part of the week is actually Sunday evening where I'm gearing up for a busy week ahead when I know everyone is back to business!



Family time! There is never a dull moment with my 4 year old Lara! A weekend can go from a kids trampoline party in the morning often to an adult party in the evening (minus the trampolines!)  I over see all our hectic shooting and editing schedule which is pretty full on in the week, so it is nice to have some chill time.  Whether it's a cheeky spa break with my wifey or a big family dinner time, I need to recharge and be ready for our week ahead.  When you run your own business it is hard to switch off but I'm very aware to enjoy the present, as well as build for the future!


What's your vision for Back the Brave?


Brilliant question. Where do we start!  I like to analyse what's working and double down on it.  I know the work we create is in demand and 90% of our work is from personal recommendations (quite proud of that!).  But I can't help but pay attention to the needs of our clients, as well as our teams strengths.  Something tells me we may well go on to managing talent, building a cool and different network business (speed dating for entrepreneurs) as well as begin investing in some of the incredible people we work with.  Right now I have my hands more than full - but never say never!



This really excites me.  There was a time when I was a young photographer and film maker with all the passion in the world. But at the time I couldn't see the full picture.  As I've got older, I'd like to think I've got a little wiser.  I've realised that if the desire is strong enough, no territory is off limits.  I've always loved film and I have a feeling we will be heading into producing some very interesting content on a global scale.  I love hiring and training people that work with us and it would be brilliant to create even more scenarios where everyone can eat and fill their hungry bellies! Watch this space....



What are some of your career highlights?



- Being flown to New York to shoot 50 cent when I was 21 years old (what must he have been thinking!)

- Taking Teddy on her first photo shoot when we shot the Kaiser Chiefs

- Securing our first publishing deal with $40,000 in sponsorship.

- Trembling but appearing very calm on the outside when on BBC World News live to 100 million viewers!

- Signing a very lucrative and fun partnership with a brand when I was 23 - I learnt a lot!

- Walking into Island Records at a very tender age to work with their artists and being so impressed by the 20 types of tea and coffee on offer - marvellous!




- Directing our first music video and managing a crew and cast of 120+ people.

- Writing our book Turbans and Tales - what a relief when the published signed off!

- Seeing our book on Amazon beating sales from Chanel and Tom Ford!

- Shooting Ricky Gervais -  a personal hero of mine and the most humble of men!

- Being trusted to shoot our first big budget global advertising campaign at very tender age!

- Delivering our first keynote at the Photography Show at the NEC to 500 people!

Proud to have worked with:

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